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A "Colorful Ninja"


On my journey to become more socially connected, I decided to make an effort to research many topics and to try out new and different opportunities.  Having Autism had impacted my social world and I wanted to change the way  I approach other people   The name "Colorful Ninja" is a character in a book I wrote at the age of 13.  It symbolizes the characteristics of my personality.  I have learned to embrace those characteristics, and  I can show you how to do the same thing!

Studying Hard Gives You Options


This was one of the first lessons my Dad taught me.  The more education you have, the more Options you have in life.  Along with enjoying adventures, be sure to keep and open mind and never stop learning.  

Feeling and Looking Great


A healthy body is just as important as a healthy mind. Exercise is not just for competition, but it should be a part of your every day routine.  It can be walking, running, boxing, yoga...anything to keep your heart pumping.


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If you are ready to start living a healthy lifestyle, message me to get started! Everyone has a unique situation, and I'll strive to accommodate yours.

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